Testimonials for Lisa Trivell:

Listen to Malissa share her experience of Couples Massage with Lisa Trivell.

"Creates Oneness with every intimate touch. Lisa Trivell Couples Massage creates an atmosphere of tender touches that bond a couple together.Ignite encourages intimate connections with your partner that last a life time."
- Karen and Matt Hubert Santa Barbara California

“I have been working with Lisa for several years both as massage client and participating in her many varied classes, including Yoga Stretch, Yoga Pilates and Aqua Aerobics. She is a patient, warm and gifted teacher, makes all the hard work fun and is able to motivate her students such as me and get great results. She also combines yoga with stretch and Pilates and aqua exercises in a way which is unique and effective. I have also benefited from her massage and facial treatments which are deeply relaxing and beneficial and I have many of my friends using her massage and facial services as well. She is able to transform both how one looks and one feels. She is also highly articulate on the body and very experienced and knowledge in the areas of massage and fitness.”
- Monica Wolfson, Frics | Director, Sales Real Capital Analytics

“Along with Lisa’s fun loving adventurous essence her creativity and healing energy come through in all her many different area’s of expertise. In the many years that I have followed Lisa’s professional career she continues to flourish along with bringing serenity and healing to all that work with her. I highly recommend the Trivell Technique for work and travel! Love this girl you will too.”
- Nancy DePietro Esthetician/Owner at Nancy DePietro Skin Care

“Lisa is an artist…a calming voice in the turbulent world that faces us every day. She has devised a program which relaxes, envelops, and reinforces our thought process, and our ability to relax and take things as they come. She is the tops in her field, and I recommend her and her program wholeheartedly.”
- Rupert Hitzig President at Bizazz Media & Owner, Bizazz Media

“Lisa and I collaborated on a project together for her company and in doing so she introduced me to her “Trivell Technique”, as well as her meditation CD. I was quite impressed with her meditation Cd and the great ideas she has for keeping yourself energized and healthy while travelling or confined to a small space for a long peoiod of time. Thanks for the assistance you are easy to work with and a very opened person, great success is ahead for you. I look forward to future projects together.”
- Joseph Arbo Owner at Arbophotovideo